Should I Insure My Storage Unit Items Items?

Posted January 12th, 2011 by stor-your-stuf and filed in Self Storage


If your items are of either monetary or sentimental value, making sure these items are insured is always a wise move.

 First check with your current insurance agent handling your home owners or renters insurance to see if your current policy extends to items stored at a self-storage facility.  Keep in mind that the average home owner’s policy only covers about $20,000 of household goods.  If you have additional valuables such as artwork, antiques, jewelry, tools, etc. you may require an additional rider to your existing policy.

 If your current policy does not cover items in a storage facility, you may want to purchase a rider to insure the items to be stored.  Only you can decide if the value of your stored items warrants the cost of insurance coverage.

 Although the security provided at Stor-Your-Stuf is excellent, it’s always better to insure your belongings before putting them into a self storage facility. A storage facility cannot take responsibility for damage caused due to natural disasters like floods, storms, etc.  Also, storage facilities do not cover your belongings for theft, fire, or damage from other tenants.

 In other words, you are responsible for insuring your belongings just as if you were renting an apartment. So it is a good idea to inventory the items you are storing.  An itemized list and/or a photo or video inventory of unusual or rare items is always a good idea. If you have receipts for such items, they should be stored in a separate location.

 Stor-Your-Stuf can provide a list of insurance companies that deal in self-storage insurance.

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